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I am looking for a project management solution to install on my company's Mac network. We are all Mac based and primarily work on custom ecommerce projects, but also do a lot of application development and print work. Below are some of the requirements I need to see in place:

- enter/edit tasks, sub tasks and sub sub tasks (etc etc)

- assign different workers to different tasks, labeled accordingly

- add side notes for tasks, subs etc

- ability to attach new sub tasks to a current task if statement of work changes during project development

- easily adjust / alter task deadlines if needed (client is late on deliverables, etc)

- assign billing alerts to tasks (our billing protocol incorporates mid-project payments that are triggered by reaching a particular task in our project action map, for example... task 20 in phase 3 will trigger a reminder the client needs to be billed for reaching mid-project). this needs to be automated within our organization.

- assign alerts/reminders to deadlines for tasks and subtasks

- allow for team and manager view

- web-based public view option for client to review project status and the deliverables they still owe

I am sure there are other requirements I am not thinking of right now, but that list is the gist of it. Does anyone have any advice or have experience using some of the different software platforms out there (xTime Project, iTaskX, PMX)? I have tried xTime and thought it was slow and the interface was clunky. Just looking for some advice and past experiences.

Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks....
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