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I think Apple should stop releasing updates so soon, since it's obvious they're just trying to cash in on minor changes. Take Panther for instance, was there really THAT much improvement over Jaguar? Heck no. The itunes-like interface is nicer, the fast user switching is admittedly neat, The OS is supposedly stable, but then so was Jaguar, file vault is buggy so nobody even uses it, anybody who really needs to fax owns a fax machine, and the F9-11 buttons are uselful, but not worth the $100+ to upgrade. Not to mention the fact that constant upgrades make many programs like Norton Systemworks 2003 or Disk Warrior 3.0 unable to boot from the CD. Look at Windows 2000 or Win XP. Those are lasting forever. Apple needs to learn a thing or two from Microsoft when it comes to this.

"Innovation never sleeps?" Please, more like "we're going to add a couple useless tweaks to your OS and make you dish out another Benjamin."
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