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Hey I am buying a mac laptop, I have 1500$ and I need a mac book pro because I am a programmer and I plan to run primarily eclipse with photoshop, although I need to multitask with out any lag, and a 15inch screen.. I found this laptop:

Is it the same as the one from the apple store even thuough it is alot less... Harddrive and RAM are not a problem because those are easily upgradable in the future when I have more money, although I noticed it said on all those sites that the processer was 2ghz and the apple store boasts a 2.16ghz - they did mention that the processor
'revolutionary Intel Core Duo - which packs the power of two processors (up to 2.16GHz) inside a single chip.' is this the same?
are there any other real caveats that anyone can see from this deal? because if not this is a god-send, I really need this laptop!

thanks for your help everyone
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