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so i used coconut and it said my current capacity is 4335mAh out of the 5200.( i have black macbook)it is at 83% capacity and I have had it for 8 months. It also says there have been 209 load cycles. I have noticed that it doesn't last as long as it used to. I keep it on ac as much as possible. I was wondering if there was a post that goes over the basics...

like if the light goes green on powercord is it okay to leave it connected for 8-10hrs.
should you charge it fully and then drain it as low as possible before plugging it back in to ac power
is there anyway to get back some of those mAh or prevent further deterioration of battery capacity etc...

also on another note is it inefficient to have it running with a 512 and one of the original 256 chips or should I balance those out and run on 2 -512's.

any advice, threads, or other wise would be greatly appreciated.

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