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hmm ok, heres my problem:

took my G5 out of sleep this morning and had pink lines across my screen (the 2nd time this has happened to me)...

no way to get it to work, so i had to manually restart.

upon restarting the system, i had no video to my display at all..althought the OS loaded with no problem (could hear the sound buttons going up and down when i press the keyboard buttons...and the eject key opened the drive still)

the os was loaded..but i have no picture.

been turning it on periodically through the day, no such luck, still no video.

last time i had pink lines across my screen, after 2 reboots, it was back to normal for like 5 days or so.

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so this is what i dont get... if it was a monitor problem, i probably wouldnt be able to run my keyboard (its plugged through the monitor), and i can still boot up the machine by pressing the power button on the monitor... so it cant be bad.

with all my previous experiences with pc's, if your video card is TOTALLY dead, your system will not boot... but the system boots just fine.

if it was a ram problem, the system would not boot.... see above.

so against my better judgement, out came the tool kit, and i went to town... nothing was seated wrong... ram is in just fine, video card is in just fine... put it back together, still same problem.

my only possible option is that the ADC (or whatever the heck that port is called) has gone bad on the video card, but the DVI port is just fine...allowing the system to boot or something...

anyone with the original G5 have this problem? (this is my first real problem with the first edition G5 preordered in july of last year...)... its been a sure someone has had a similar problem?

1. if its my video, they better replace it...and i hope it gets upgraded! damnit! lol

2. if its my monitor, they BETTER replace it... and hell, ill take a 20inch for the inconvenience

3. if its my logic board....uh... ill cry.. then kill them... then cry some more lol

anyone? anything?
btw, unless you know keyboard shortcuts to repairing permissions, shut up lol
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