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tough choice...

depends on what you want... i have a 12 inch ibook... and i can tell you, sometimes when you are looking for a laptop, thats exactly what you want.. a laptop...not some monster of a computer.. ya know?

i see some people with these dell's with 17 inch square monitors on looks like they have a desktop in their lap... not really what i personally would be looking for in a laptop

you may like the bigger size...but i prefer smaller actually, when it comes to laptops.... now desktops..thats another story

if you want to know how they will run, i would say they will be fairly similar in speed... depending on ram.. your powerbook will run faster if you want to run games off it... (64mb video)

powerbook is a more sleek design i think... if i could get my ibook to look like a powerbook, i would do it any day! they are sexay!

but if you dont have a preference, it wont matter.

-smaller screen (a plus for me)
-slightly faster
-better video card
-thin, sexy, metalic design
-more expensive

-larger screen
-slightly slower
-32mb video card
-white glossy design (eh... ok.. but not my really digging their brushed aluminum designs)

mmmmm my gut just goes for powerbook all the time... i would much rather have that... but im a person who likes things that look as good as they perform.. (maybe thats why im an apple user to start)

you wont regret either one... just remember that much

i buy apple products for mainly 3 reasons:
-simplicity in usage
-stability in OS
-power with sex appeal
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