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Originally Posted by etaon
I just received a refurbished 15" Powerbook, specs:

PowerBook G4 1.25GHz/512MB/80GB/SuperDrive/AP Extreme Card/GigE/Aluminum/15"TFT - Refurbished

I've never had a Powerbook or a Mac of any kind before. What procedures can I do to check out if there are any problems with it? Any other tips for a beginner?

So far I haven't seen any problems.

Normally, when a 'end user' buys a Mac and it dies within the first few weeks. After which it's returned to Apple for repair and a replacement is given to the 'end user'. The old faulty one can't be sold as new (it's a policy that Apple is very keen on keeping)

This faulty machine will be repaired, sometimes parts are replaced and can only be sold as Referb Stock. Apple tends to supply a limited warranty of around 90 days or there abouts.

Those refurb machines will go through the same testing as new Mac's but sometimes the odd one, might slip through the net. So you should check to see everything works and do it quickly.

There's a Hardware Testing Software on the CD or DVD... just run it by following the instructions in your manual. It's normal, if a Mac works without trouble for the first 6 months, you'll probably never get a problem with it. Unless you try to make it 'Fly'

Have Fun.
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