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Howdy. I'm after a bit of advice from all you experts out there.
I have a mini 1.5 core solo/512/60Gb/Combo running Tiger at work and an old P3 900/512/250Gb/DVD-RW running XP at home. I have the chance to buy the mini cheap, and would like to replace the PC with it. The only problem is the small HDD and lack of a DVD burner on the mini, as all i really use it for is downloading and burning.

AFAICS, I have the following options:

1/ Buy an external HDD and burner for the mini
2/ Buy an enclosure and use the HDD and/or burner (Sony 16x dual-layer) from the PC with the mini. The HDD is a Western Digital IDE 250Gb, 7200 rpm and it contains around 100Gb of music & video.

My questions are
1) Which is the best budget option?
2) Can i transplant the HDD without losing the data?
3) Will using a 7200 rpm drive as my boot drive increase the performance of the mini significantly?
4) Will the mini be significantly faster at video transcoding than the PC?


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