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As for the 7.7GB being taken up, I think that's perfectly normal. That much space is needed for all the pre-installed programs and apps and whatnot. When I got my G5, my 160GB HD only had 149GB available for me.

As for the CPU...hmm...that seems a little odd. I've never used garage band, but I would guess that it actually is a little more computational intensive than most might like to believe. Try going into your system preferences and going to "Energy Saver." Make sure the "Processor Performance" is set to "Highest" and not "Automatic."

And of course, RAM is key. Try this simple little test (if you plan on getting more RAM soon). Go into your applications folder, hit "select all," then select "open all." I believe this is the weird flower key + A, then the flower key + O. Every single application and folder selected (and there are lots!) will open. With 256MB RAM, your computer will freeze. With 512MB, it'll lag like a mofo. With 1GB or more, you'll barely see that spinning beachball.

So in conclusion to your thread title, don't start to cry and bitterly ask why. Have a pat on the back, cause you got yourself a fly mac.
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