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I have a MacbookPro which I bought last year. Recently I upgraded QuickTime to 7.1.3 and it was causing a lot of troubles with some of my apps, so I was trying to uninstall it and I ended up damaging the system. Now iChat, Mail, language and intenet connectio display, and a few other apps don't work any more on my computer.... I have a MacbookPro. I think it came with 10.4.7 but since I recently updated it and it's now 10.4.8.

The quicket way to solve this is probably erase the entire computer and re-install the system from the original DVD, but I am hesitating to do so because it's really complicated to make backup of all the files and reinstall all the apps...

So, I am wondering if there is any way that I can simply reinstall the system without erasing the entire disk. If anyone has done this or has any suggestions please let me know. I would really really appreciate it.

Thanks bunch in advance.

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