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My comparison is based on my mac desktop vs. my friend's PC desktop, both of which I've had extensive time to play games, edit video, write documents, and horse around on.

My Mac: Dual 2Ghz G5, 128MB Radeon 9800, 160GB HD 7200rpm, 4GB RAM.

Friend's PC: Alienware Aurora 64 FX-53, 256MB GeForce 6800, 120GB HD 7200rpm, 2GB RAM.

IN OTHER WORDS, I'm comparing two ultra loaded top-of-the-line computers from each camp, both 64-bit, not to mention.

Games: I can't tell the difference. Frame rates blaze on both computers.
Internet: Mac wins. Only because of Safari's speed.
Word Processing: PC applications load faster (as in hairs of a second), but files open with identical speed.
Video: Mac crunches computations and renders chunks of video noticeably faster than a PC does. I compared with both computers running Avid DV Express.
Photoshop: Mac. No contest.
STABILITY: Mac spanks the PC's monkey.
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