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just a FYI... i was messin around... dont mind my horrible aim, i was taking a screenshot lol (still killed the guy!) but just notice the fps

**note** if you are one of those people who go by the numbers of what people put out, and never really see for yourself what the machine actually puts out, dont bother complaining that my FPS is only 90...because ive played first person shooter games forever, and only WISH i could had over 60fps constantly in every game i play.

oh... and if you're a stickler for detail, i had all the video graphics on as high as they would go, and the screenshot is while i am shooting the gun, so it has partical effects and such... and still running at a smooth 90fps

*** edit *** just replayed the game, put all the settings on low and stuff... still 90fps... i dont think it will register over 90... so i guess its possible it could have gone higher on full graphics.. nice to know? :-\
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