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Originally Posted by citystar2k
You might've seen this topic before time and time again, but what i wanna know is not figures of specs, speeds, blah blah blah, but a first eye account from somebody that has both a pc and a mac. I'll be getting either a powerbook or ibook, but i wont dispense with my laptop thought. It's running a 2.8 athlon xp-m chip with 1gig of memory. Would a maxed out 1gig 12" ibook with 1.25gig of memory beat my laptop when it comes to video editing on the road? What do you think could run faster? Any reply is welcome here, even if you wanna point out speeds, specs, etc, coz i wanna learn as much as i can before i buy.
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I personally think it will especially if Mac editing apps are used. In cases where pc appears faster - more then likely the app in comparison fails to exploit Mac's broader internal data paths
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