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F.A.Q - Advanced

Q: How do I associate a file type with a particular application?
A: Find a file of the type in question. Right click on the file and select "Get info". In the Get info window expand "Open with", then select the new application and check the "Change All" option. Also, you can right click on a file and select "Open with..." select "Other...", then select the app and make sure "Always Open With" is checked.

Q: How do I install programs?
A: Once downloaded (by default, to your desktop) the dmg should automatically open (see below if it does not). Once the dmg is open, you'll see one or more files in a new window.
Drag the application icon to your applications folder.
You could also create a folder in the applications folder to hold the app and/or any doco that was included in the dmg.
Once the app is in your applications folder you can "eject" the dmg from the top left pane in finder, or by dragging the mounted file on your desktop to the trash (trash will then turn into an eject icon).
Then if you like, trash the dmg file or if you want to save it, you could archive it to cd-r or the like.

Note: If the dmg does not mount and open on it's own:
If it is a dmg file you can try double clicking on it to open it.
If it is not a dmg file it may be an archive (ex: a .sit file). Try to open this with a program like stuffit. there may be a dmg file inside, but more likely the application will be in there with or without additional docs. If it is the applicaiton, it can simply be moved to the applications folder.

Q: How do I uninstall programs?
A: Basically all you need to do is delete the app from the applications folder. This will always work to remove the program. But sometimes it can be just a bit trickier to fully remove all traces of an application from your Mac.
To be sure you have removed an application, you can do a spotlight search and remove all traces of the application. See the "Helpful Threads" below for a good example of removing an app that was just a bit more embedded.
You can always try an third party application like AppZapper as well.

Q: Can I password protect folders on a Mac?
A: This can be achieved with or without 3rd party apps. If you want to go with what's already on your Mac, then Disc Utility can be used by following these instructions:
  • Open up the "Disc Utility" application
  • File>New>Disk Image from Folder...
  • Choose a folder to protect, then choose "AES-128" encryption and press Save.
  • Enter your newly created password twice.
What this process actually does is creates a disk image file (.dmg). The disk image contains the entire contents of the folder, but can only be opened with the correct password.
To access your new folder, just double-click the .dmg file in Finder. Then in the text box that appears enter your password and the dmg will be mounted as an image allowing you to see its contents. (credit: Pulse-8)

Q: I inserted a blank disk to write some files i want to back up. I can't figure out how to get the files on the disk. How do I do it?
A: First, make sure you have no disk in the drive. Then, create a burn folder. You can do this on your desktop to make it easy, or put it anywhere you want. As you drag files into it to copy to a disk, you'll notice that aliases/shortcuts are created in the burn folder. Then once you have all the files you want to burn to a disk in the burn folder, insert the disk and click the burn button on the burn folder. It will prompt with a few options and for you to insert a disk, insert it then, and it will start burning on it's own.
You can also go to "System Preferences" > "CDs & DVDs" and force a particualr action when a blank disk is inserted.

Q: I have an external disk (an existing one, or one I ripped from my last windows machine), and I can see it when I mount it, but all I can do is view/read the files. I can't write to the drive at all. what's going on?
A: The drive is most likely formatted NTFS. If you want to ensure cross platform functionality of the drive, format FAT32. Though this does have file size limitations (4Gb max file size) it will ensure that you will be able to create, modify, execute, and delete files while mounted to Mac and Windows OS. You can do this from the disk utility found in the Applications/Utilities folder.

Q: I have a program(s) that is(are) starting to become flaky or not work at all. What do I do?
A: One easy to implement solution to try, is to repair permissions on your disk. Open the Disk Utility found in the applications/utilities folder, select your hard drive and verify permissions. It wouldn't hurt to verify the disk either.
You could also try clearing the system caches (see first Q/A in this section).
You may also need to delete a .plist file associated with the application. You will probably need spotlight to search for the .plist file if one exists.
You will probablly want to do a thorough search of these forums and perhaps the support forums at to check for how others may have handled problems with the same app.

Q: My microphone does not work with my Mac Mini, why?
A: The Line in port on the Mac Mini is not powered, so any microphone you plug in will have to be powered or you have to get an adapter like iMic. (credit: kman445)

Q: I could not connect to router with WEP key enabled, why?
A: The problem here was really a difference in Windows and Mac terminology. It will come up with "WEP Password" - but that doesn't mean the same thing as WEP key. To input a standard 64-bit WEP key you have to change the WEP Password selection to WEP 40/128-bit Hex. (credit: nukemm)

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