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ahhh, if wishes were ... what was the question ?

but if you were serious, and your PB is the original 12" at 867 MHz, any emulation will be.e.e. s..l...o......w........w..........

Virtual PC, no longer in development now, used to work well (albeit slowly) for me under OS 9x, and I used it a few times under Jaguar.
'Course, it was rather pricey. And never really snappy. I just needed it to run a few Win-only programs.
FYI, a recent eval at MacUpdate for VPC said '98SE flies using this on my G4 iBook', so maybe it would be fine for you.

I've not tried any Win emulators in my G5 Tiger environment, though I expect I will experiment when day comes that I get an Mac-Intel (or 'ICBM' - Intel Chip Based Mac), since I do PC support as well as Mac support.

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