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I don't think you can FAT32 drives that big...I thought the maximum size of FAT32 partitions is 30 GB or something like that.

As far as Front Row is concerned, I have NOT been able to get it to recognize/catalog media on external drives, only specific places on the internal drive. However, if you build your iTunes music database file with movies/music on the external drive, it may find it. Just make sure to turn OFF the iTunes option "copy music/movies to iTunes music folder when played/added to library" otherwise you will find duplicates of all your files wasting space.

Another note on the FAT32 problem...I'm not sure if you could create multiple partitions on EACH of the drives so you don't waste all that space, or if the FAT32 partition table will only allow you to format one partition. Seeing as formatting these drives will require you to erase your data to begin with, and if you don't plan on using these drives with Windows, you'd be much better off formatting Mac OSX Extended (Journaled). If you need to use these drives with Windows still, I recommend formatting them Mac OSX Extended, and buying a little program called Mac Drive for Windows, which will allow Windows to mount a Mac formatted partition.

Hope this helps.

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