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Originally Posted by etaon
I just received a refurbished 15" Powerbook, specs:

PowerBook G4 1.25GHz/512MB/80GB/SuperDrive/AP Extreme Card/GigE/Aluminum/15"TFT - Refurbished

I've never had a Powerbook or a Mac of any kind before. What procedures can I do to check out if there are any problems with it? Any other tips for a beginner?

So far I haven't seen any problems.


etaon: Where did you bought your Refub Powerbook? where you ordered it from??..... i wanto to buy THAT SAME EXACT Powerbook you just got.....A REFUrBISHED ONE TOO!

Jesus it's like looking at me 4 months from now :eek: hehehe

anyway's where you ordered it from? much did you pay for it, TOTAL?
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