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Of course, now that Macs are running on Intel chip cpus (2006+), they all can run Windows. So go for it! ;-)

There are (at least) 3 choices as of 12/2006:

Apple Boot Camp - free - which requires you to reformat the HD and set up a separate partition on which you load Windows. Then, you restart the computer into either Mac OS X or Windows Xp. (not both at same time)

Parallels - about $70 - which allows you to install several versions of Windows OS right onto your current free space, no reformat needed (unless you want to partition). AND, it allows you to run Windows simultaneously with Mac OS X.

Both of those are at speeds comparable to modern Windows dedicated hardware.

Third choice is a program called CrossOVer Mac - $40/70 - currently only in beta. It allows windows programs to run without installing the Windows OS. However, because of the emulation environment, not all Windows programs work.
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