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Originally Posted by fleurya View Post
I was wondering, if one wanted to, could they just write over the MAc OS and thrun their MB/MBP into a Windows only machine?
Yes you can, I've done it with my intel imac and had no problems at all.

Originally Posted by fleurya View Post
To be safe, one could use Carbon Copy Cloner to copy everything to an ED just in case.
or just reload OS X from the installation discs.

Originally Posted by fleurya View Post
Personally, I thought I would be using Windows as much as OSX when I bought mine, but I made myself hold off on loading Windows until I got used to the Mac and now feel I will be using Windows very little if at all.
well for me the only reason I bought an intel mac was because of the ablility to run both OS. There are some apps that I cant replace and make a complete switch. At the moment I spend 90% of my time still in XP and will do so until I become more comfortable with OSX (ie perform the same tasks I do in xp without having to go find an FAQ)

I think the ability to dual boot will make more people come over. And I dont see a problem with running a mac with XP 100% of the time. Either way they own a mac.

PS. bootcamp isnt much more then a tool to provide drivers, partition the drive and act as a bootloader. You can simply load an xp disc, boot from it and install without it. Obviously you will lose the ability to boot to OS X.
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