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Originally Posted by Del View Post
As an aside, it is very easy to diss an application as being "a pile of bile" but until one (anyone) gets in to software development and begins to appreciate the time, effort, skill and knowledge required to develop such an app, maybe we all (and i include myself here) shouldnt be so quick to slag off an app we dont like.
You should not be so quick to jump to conclusions. Under normal circumstances I'd agree with you, but in this case I think you're wrong.

Mac Quicken is a disgrace. Why? Because it has around half the features that Windows Quicken had 6 years ago, let alone the Windows Quicken 2007 edition. Intuit could have done a straight port and it'd be better than what they delivered to the Mac community.

I said on another thread that virtually no piece of software available on both Windows and OS X has such a difference.

Now, as an aside, I do understand what is required to build applications because I am a Project Manager and have overseen the development of several applications from conception to production. It's not the developers and individuals to blame in this case, it's the company who have made a strategic decision to create a two tier situation. Mac Quicken is more like "Quicken Lite" or something. Not only that, but Mac Quicken actually costs more!

Quicken for Mac - what a load of rubbish

Check out that thread and read my opener and then the post by Kevin270.

Even the Quicken forums are full of people complaining, and not only that, but this has been the situation for years.

Quotes from various reviews

Originally Posted by quicken2005
In short, when using Intuit Quicken 2005 Deluxe for Windows next to Quicken 2005 for Macintosh, you have to wonder why Intuit bothered with the Mac version. Intuit has waffled on Mac support in the past, and after using versions of the same software on both platforms I can see why Mac users for the most part hate Intuit and their software, and judging by the difference in the software for which Mac users pay $10 more I imagine the feeling is mutual.
Originally Posted by quicken2006
I'm a Mac user and have been using Quicken 2004 for the PC in Virtual PC. The interface for Quicken 2004 is light years ahead of the Quicken 2006 for Mac. I'm hoping I can send the software back.
Originally Posted by macvspc
My youngest son, all of nine years of age, is the only person in the family with a Windows PC as his primary computer. The rest of us are on Macs. I do run a Windows PC for my personal financial management as Quicken for the Mac is a dog’s breakfast. And, under Vista, the computing experience is much better than under XP. Almost as nice as OS X.
Finally, check out the Amazon reviews... 1.5 stars, that's got to be the worst rating of any piece of Mac software on Amazon.

Sorry for the huge response, but you're kinda questioning my integrity when you should be questioning Intuit's.

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