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Sounds like you created an admin password to be able to get into the router settings, which is good so that someone who might be sponging off you can't get in and grant themselves access; however, you must also go into the security settings of the wireless section and enable WEP or WPA and give that another key or password depending on which of the two you choose. WPA is very secure but not as easily configured on your mac itself, whereas WEP is easy to come up with a 10 digit numeric key (64 bit) but can be circumvented if your neighbor has a sniffer program. We use 64 bit WEP at school since it is compatible with every type hardware we have (even older types). I first setup WPA here at home, but remembered my iPaq PPC and one of my old IBM Wifi cards didn't support it so I swithced to WEP and haven't had anyone sneak in. The monitoring section is under the section showing current DHCP leases.

Ok i totally did EXACTLY what the website told me to and it locked me out of my own internet connection! then i had to reset my router and luckily that reset the password to default

ugh i totaly dont know what to do anymore
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