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My use of iMovie and or iPhoto was simply to understand how the software works so that I could help clients or switchers that are coming over to Apple. Now, as for the images you are attempting to use in the slide show, I personally would have used Photoshop CS2 to edit them. After editing the images in Photoshop I would then put them in iPhoto to proceed in doing the iMovie. I would have saved them as .bmp files, for the higher quality.

The only use I got out of iPhoto in and of itself was simply a vehicle that interacted with iMovie. Since I was putting together a generic little test I didn't go through a lot of trouble editing and making it look high quality. As far as how it looked it came out okay for me. I'll link it to you below so you can see it. Its rough cut as I didn't edit it or polish it for better use.

If you are interested in using iPhoto to then use iMovie what I did was I followed the manual, which you can see here:

As you saw the illustration in my previous post when I was starting the creation process I set the iMovie to MPEG4. After the movie was created and I apologize for not knowing the exact details after it was created in iMovie I was able to then format the iMoive into a Quick time (.mov). I don't recall the function or process I used off the top of my head. Here is the sample movie I made, keep in mind this was a rough cut thrown together movie as I was just learning the basics.
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