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Originally posted by AstralZenith@Mar 20 2003, 12:27 PM
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why Intel!? they became the ***** CPU long ago... wouldnt AMD be a wiser choice if they are dumping motorola, and they can just choose?
Ok, so where is the 64bit AMD chip? Intel pioneers, and AMD follows. I have had tons of problems with AMD chips. Mainly from back in the K6-2 days. I do own an AMD 1800+ XP, I think that is the processor, can't remember. I can't even get it to run at full speed unless I clock down the RAM. Maybe a motherboard problem, it's not something I've ever had to deal with before in my experience. Only bought it because it was cheap. If I could have afforded the P4 at the time, there would've been no choice to make. Based on my experiences, the Intel chips blow the AMD chips away. Hands down.

Wonder why all the MAJOR companies in the world use nothing but Intel. And why most ALL servers are Intel based. You won't find a Compaq DL320 with an AMD chip in there. And that is one of the best servers I've ever worked with.

AMD is the consumer bargain chip. It works, if you wanna surf the net, do some homework, and not break your budget. But if you wanna do real work, number crunching, server based stuff, Intel is definately the way to go.

From my limited experience with Apple, it seems they go after the Audio/Video market very agressively. This would require an Intel chip. AMD wouldn't be able to cut it.

EDIT: The server that this site was hosted on before the one it is on now was an Athlon. Couldn't make it a day without reboot. Replaced the RAM 3 times, did OS restores twice, and it still was not stable at all. Just remember this. We use an Intel chip now, and the uptime is only reset by us having to do manual reboots because of user error. Which isn't very often

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