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Garage band is the ULTIMATE audio editing software for podcasting. I was using pro tools Like CooL Edit pro... big mistake. Garage band is simple, short and sweet. Giving you thousands of possibilities without gumming up the functionality of the podcaster that just wants to have 2 voice tracks and a little music.

When it comes to MP3... its as simple as "Sharing" the final product in Itunes and converting it there.

The reason GarageBand Uses AAC "m4a" files is because they are of a higher (losless) quality and save at less than half of the space mp3's take up.

In the long run, you need to use an mp3 file to get the most out of an rss/xml feed. but building your show using GarageBand's AAC files lets you go back and make last min. changes without the whole thing being double compressed as an mp3 and having a crap sounding show!

Whats the name of your podcast?!
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