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if you want to fade music in and out during your show (key to a good sounding podcast)
Devote a track to the music and using the Down arrow in that gray bar that has the buttons "Record" "Mute" "Solo" "Lock" and "Volume/Pan" *I'm talking about the buttons below the track's name....
The Blue line with the light blue fill below it is showing you your volume at present. Clicking the line will make a new "Point" play with the angle of the different points you have and that's how you fade in and out.

Keep in mind that once you modify that track's volume/pan points, you can not adjust the master volume slider or L R knobs.
TIP: When you are fading IN with music over Voice, bring it in fast to keep the feel of the show moving. When you are fading music OUT during voice do it as slowly as possible to make it almost unnoticeable. And if you are interested in finding a cool new podcast (I hate this part but I gotta shameless plug) go to my site

Hope this helps!
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