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Yes, the X1900XT should have S-video output on it.

I'm an IT manager and out of all the hard drives I've replaced, only one was a Seagate. I've got Seagate Cheetah SCSI drives on 10 year old Proliants that have been running 24/7 and have never been replaced. We use a lot of Dell products that use a lot of Western Digital drives and they have by far had the worst reliability. I do a lot of work on the side repairing PCs and I've replaced many Maxtor drives in my time that weren't even too old. The reason I really detest Maxtor is the motherboard in the last PC I built wouldn't play with my hard drive. Come to find out Maxtor has extreme incompatibility issues with the newer versions of the nForce4 SLI chipset. It took them several months to finally release a firmware patch which you had to fight like h*ll to get from them. Needless to say I gave that POS drive away to a friend and bought a more expensive Seagate that worked fine. Any laptop I ever own I end up replacing the hard drive no matter what brand right off the bat because I know Seagate by far makes the best notebook drives. Any other brand (IBM, Hitachi, Fujitsu, Toshiba) ends up making that all too familiar whining noise after about 2-3 years and cr*ps out soon after. Not to mention you get the 5 year warranty when you go Seagate, not that you will ever probably need to use it.

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