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Originally Posted by Minuet View Post
Just wondering if anyone has installed an AirPort module in a Mac Pro 2.66Ghz. tower.

I found instructions for installing the bluetooth module but have not found any information about the AirPort module. The module number is MA688Z/A and comes with two mounting screws and two antenna connections. Any help would be appreciated.
Yeah I installed both of those modules a couple of weeks ago. The hardest thing is conecting the antenna's. You have to connect two of them to the card then silde the card into the left side of a black connector that comes of the motherboard. If you look close at the Mobo you can see where it says Airport. Then attach the two little screws. Then your done. I should have did a write up on it. If you to take out the second hard drive bay it makes it easier to fish out the antenna wires. Just make sure you ground yourself before you go in and do the work. I went to the apple store in Va. it was only 43 dollars for the card.

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