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Hey I just tried to erase free space and after waiting for an hour I got a message that said "your startup disk is almost full -- you need to delete some files"...I don't understand this.

My HD is capacity is 80GB and available shows at 63+ GB. What's up?...I guess I don't understand what I am doing. Can somebody walk me through this?

My HD shows my Toshiba HD and underneath my hard drive volume...I selected the HD volume. Did I do that wrong?
From what I read the "Erase Free Space" command creates a huge file that takes up all the empty disk space. It seems from posts I've read here that the file(s) should be in your trash. Someone from MacOSXHints recommended using OmniDiskSweeper if you can't spot the file(s) in your trash. And run Disk Utility starting from your CD or DVD that came with your Mac and run "Repair Disk".

I wouldn't use that "Erase Free Space" command at all, unless it was imperative to do so. I've read this happens all the time getting the message your disk is full and it brings hassles.
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