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Originally Posted by richardcanham View Post

I'm making a podcast and have got what i want to say all planned out etc however need these two things sorted please..

1) have a jingle that i want to fade out at the beginning before i talk and fade in as the podcast do i do this please?

2) once I've created the podcast how do I get it as a mp3 file as when I "send/import to itunes" it goes in as an AIF file so obviously I'm doing something wrong. If this helps, when I talk I'm recording it into the Male Voice track column.

Ps. I am using garage band for my podcast!

Any help appreciated!
I GB select "new podcast episode" once you've have it open delete the "podcast track" at the top (unless enhanced) In menu click "Track" and show master track. When you highlight Master Track and select info there you can control the Ducking (the little arrows on each track) The ducking will nicely handle number one. You can also do this manually. by adjusting the volume line (open volume in a track by clicking the grey arrow on the control line.)

For 2. "Share" to itunes then in itune preferences set import to your desired format. (Advanced, import, settings depend on type of podcasts) ctrl click and "convert to mp3"

Done, now play with the effects to get the right "sound" to your voice.

Anything else drop by the for lots of info or pm me.

GB is my favorite way to record and edit a podcast. (I actually record to a flash player then impot to GB) it is simple and pretty flexible.

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