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So I came around here a little more than a year ago asking some questions, looking forward to buying a Mac. Unfortunately, I never really got around to it. But now I'm back to wanting one again and may be able to purchase one in the near future after christmas.

So I'll try and develop a profile of myself and hopefully someone can provide some suggestions.

I'm a high school junior with a little money to spend. How much money is a function of the events of this weekend (christmas.) Hopefully though, I'll be looking in the $500-$800 range.

I'd really like to get a used iBook or Powerbook. Primary uses would be internet & email, but I'd really like to be able to get the "total mac experience" and be able to get some messing around done with iLife and iWork. I do minor video editing type of stuff, but that's not really a necessity in a laptop, my Windows computer is more than capable if need be.

I've been looking at PowerMax. Anyone have any suggestions for a specific model?
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