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Ahh wait till you see Mac users in a frenzy!...

I used to google for a website that would carry live coverage* and follow from there. I felt the excitement of new announcements. Steve Jobs really knows how to drum up drama in his presentations.

If you want to see the video of the keynote speech, Apple usually releases it about five or six hours after the show. Then you can see what this is all about. Check in Mac-Forums, if no other member posts a link when the keynote video is up for streaming on Apple's site, I'll post it myself.


* There usually is an embargo/delay on the publication of the video coverage now. I don't know if His Steveness has given directives to withhold the video for editing mistakes or something but we can't see it live like we used to, three or four years ago. It could also have to do with the number of people trying to catch the video at the same time and it brought the Apple servers down to their knees too many times?...

By live coverage I mean some Mac websites will send reporters to the keynote presentation and these reporters type in what is going on as the show goes on and they send in their text to the websites. The pages are refreshed automatically with the text coming in every 30 seconds or so.
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