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I've bought one of the first generation Intel Macs (Macbook Pro) and other than slow CS2 (which is not Apple's fault) I've had no problems - in fact, it's by far the greatest notebook I've ever used. What are these first generation growing pains that you're talking about?

Regarding the Macworld event, what happens exactly? Is this where Apple tell us the direction they'll be taking over the next year? Will we get to see these "secret" Leopard features?
Generally speaking, like I said, a lot of first generation products have problems. And I'm not just talking about Apple here, btw.

I'll give you an example: the first generation of iMac G5's (and a batch from the second generation as well) had various problems, but most had to do with the power supply: so Apple issued a massive recall/repair program. Same thing for early models of the Power Mac G5.

Now this was public knowledge but to become public knowledge the problem has to be widespread. Remember the first generation of iPods? They had big problems with their batteries and Apple was sued and settled out of court. Etc.

Maybe you do have a great first gen MacBook Pro and I'm glad you didn't experience any problems. I'm not saying the majority of buyers inherit defective products.

But then again, a friend of mine bought one and had all sorts of trouble and it was shipped in for repairs twice. Now the MBP has a whining sound but he says he'll try get used to it, he's tired of sending it in. Besides he needs it for work, he's a freelance programer and he can't afford to lose his work tool for too long.

About Macworld, this is yes kinda like a kickoff for the year and it usually starts with a bang, with new or revised products. That's why a week or so before the keynote presentation, Apple rumours go absolutely wild!
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