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Hello everybody!
Im totaly new here and totally new in the mac-clan! Because there are still several programms who dont run on mac i decided to put windows an my new macbook,too. so i downloaded bootcamp, did everything it told me to (installed it, burned the driver disk etc) and put in the windows cd (it was a safetycopy, as my dad keeps the originals!) and while installing windows on the partition bootcamp made (exact the half of my hard drive, 40gig) it hang-up. nothin worked anymore and i had to reset my macbook. after that everytime i turnd it on there jus was black screen with the underline in the lef corner.......than i tryed to boot from the windows cd again, it worked till the same part where it hang-up before, it hang-up again and again. then i put in the mac os cd and installed everythign new. its working now,BUT i onla have the half of my hard drive levt! I looked it up and actually it realize the other one, but Im not able to delete it as there is "microsoft basic data" on it. when i try to delet it it says "get Mountain-Point" Im totally stuck, what can i do to get the other rest of the hard drive again. i think that there are some windows data on it, which might be the reasont hat apple cant delete it. i have no clou what to do, hope somebody can help me!!
thanks sean
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