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Originally Posted by husky123 View Post
So I'm putting together a presentation in Keynote but I can't seem to get a song (Theme to Rocky!) to play for the whole presentation. Of course it guits once I move to the next slide. Is there a way to keep a song playing in the background independent of changing slides?


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I have absolutely no experience with this method or keynote as an app but how does this sound:

(1) print the slides from Keynote so you can see what’s coming
(2) export the slides as JPEGs
(3) import the slides into iMovie
(4) import the audio into iMovie
(5) using the bookmark function, listen to the audio, and bookmark where there is to be a slide change
(6) marking all the slides, extend their length to the maximum (30 seconds)
(7) then starting from the beginning, advance to the next bookmark; split the image (apple+T); delete the half to the right; and repeat to the end
(8) Export to mp4
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