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I really can't say what's in store for Macworld. Haven't paid much attention to the rumours, was too busy with school and all but it's always better to wait till after the keynote presentation.

His Steveness sometimes comes out with stuff you really want. Like last year, me and a friend bought our 20" iMacs 2.1GHz at the same time, just before Xmas. My order was slightly delayed and I got it after New Year's.

A week or 10 days later (can't remember which it was now) His Steveness introduced the Intel-based iMacs.

I had heard the rumours that a first gen of Intel iMacs might be introduced but I was dead set on a PowerPC iMac, no matter the hype. From my experience, first gen products have many problems which are usually fixed by the second or third generation of the product. Besides I was sure the adaptation to a brand new chip architecture would bring in lots of growing pains so, I was ok with my choice.

But it was hard at times! Each time I would think that my computer was brand new but was already out-of-date, I remembered the reasons why I wanted to stick with PowerPC for the time being.

But lemme tell ya, my friend took it on the chin pretty hard!

Now since the Mac Pro and all the rest of the Mac line have had at least one generation on the Intel chip, a lot of problems must have been ironed out and I would not hesitate.

So, if you want the latest and greatest, wait till right after the Macworld keynote presentation. Not sure if there would be any sales though. Maybe Mac stores, here and there, not wanting to keep old inventory? But then this defeats the purpose of getting the latest and greatest.
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