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Ok i LOVE this machine i dont think i will ever go back to PC

HOWEVER... i do have some issues concerns (albeit very minor) with it, maybe some of u can help me

1.) the microphone....

.i think it distorts my voice or something. i have heard my voice many many times, through voice mail...thru phone , on film (im a working actor/singer) , my voice has alwyas soiunded consistent..... but when i hear my voice back from the macbookpro i was VERY shocked bcause i sounded totally sounds slower or something? just "different" alot different. any one else hav this same experiience?

i heard that u can get a USB microphone for 50 bucks or the macbooks built in microphone not good enough or something?

2.) the flash on the photobooth!!

argh anyway to turn this off?

3.) less memory than what i paid for

pardon my computer illiteracy but why did i pay for 120gb memory and i only have 111 capacity??? did u guys lose 10 gb as well??

4.) things on the screen way too small!!!!!

LAST but not computer right now is at 1440x900 (the highest resolution setting) the clarity is great, but everything on the screen is sooo small at this setting...its so straining for my eyes to read the macbook pro..

if i set it on 1280x800 , yes things do become bigger but much clarity is lost, the bigger u make things the blurrrier it gets

any way around this? its like iwhats the point of making things bigger if they look so blurry?

if i want things clear, they look too small, if i want things bigger they look too blurry..i dont remember having this problem with my pc

i dont understand how they can make items on the dock look bigger without saking clarity but making everything on the screen bigger would cause it to look more blurry?
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