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A 200MHz difference in clock speeds on a GPU can make a massive difference. Does it warrant another $500? If you ask me, no. But I would be willing to pay $500 more for the Core 2 Duo over the Core Duo. The reason being is that Core Duo can never do anything 64-bit, whereas the Core 2 Duo can. There will be a day when OSX goes natively 64-bit, in which case the Core Duo MBP will not be able to run it, and the Core 2 Duo MBP will. That said, if money is tight I would recommend getting the refurb MacBook Pro 15" Core Duo 2GHz on Apple's Store website for $1349. All things aside, that is a smoking hot deal!

That said, I have no idea what the specific clock speeds are on the GPU on the MBP Core Duo vs. Core 2 Duo, but I would pay more attention to the CPU it has under the hood as this will be much more important as far as performance and compatibility go.
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