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Originally Posted by sjtaylor84 View Post
Hi everyone!

I've been trying to remove my red-eye in iPhoto 6 but found it not to have enough control. I read on multiple websites that there's a thing to bring up advanced mode (click red eye tool then hold ctrl, caps, 9 then press tab). I've tried this loads of times and in different orders and nothing changes :-s does anyone have any ideas?

All the best
never heard of that - but holding caps? That's a first for mac for me...
I'll see what I can dig up or discover. Just where did you read this?
It really doesn't sound like an apple shortcut. If there is an advanced mode, it would be accessible through the menu or at least through right-clicking. Apple certainly wouldn't hide it - as this could certainly put people off the software if they think it's not advanced enough for them.

Apple's site doesn't show anything about this hidden feature

...OK, done a little digging. Here's one link I found
*trying now*

0_0; it worked!
The link above explains it best. Make sure you release the keys before hitting tab. In redeye retouch, tab will revert to the regular cursor. Tab again will open it again. Click the redeye to deactivate. You'll have to do this each time you launch the app. You can also turn caps off once activated.

Well, I was sure wrong That's a pretty cool tip, and I'm glad I researched into it. Hope you get it to work, Simon. I found the instructions at the link above worked best, and got it to work first try.

Makes me wonder what other sort of hidden features other Apple apps have....crafty little monkeys

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