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Christmas is coming early. I thought I was being nice buying my wife an 8 gig Nano for Christmas. Come to find out, she had to tell me about a delivery that may come tomorrow since she will not be around to get it. A 24" iMac with upgraded CPU, video card, 2 gig memory, with Applecare is enroute as I type!!! Goodbye PC (although I will keep it around) and hello my first Mac. 48 years old and this old dog is ready to learn new tricks!!!

With great glee,

P.S. And to think I have been telling her all of the reasons I was waiting to buy one (MacWorld announcements, wait for OS 10.5 to come out, etc.)...but the sweet lady saw through all that. :-) I am almost giddy! Thanks for listening to me babble! ml
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