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Originally Posted by MacHeadCase View Post
You could get a decently priced MacBook Pro from this guy... *rolleyes*
lol... I was just reading part of that thread.

I'll probably be posting later on about some things that I am having trouble with, but I'm going in with an open mind. I haven't used a mac since the G3 was the hot ticket, and that was only for graphics & page layouts (school newspaper), and I loved it. So fast, so smooth, so much less garbage that has to run (Norton Systemworks, Antivirus, Personal Firewall, Sun Java, nVmixer for sound, nView to support multiple displays without mirroring, Logitech softwear to use the buttons on my mouse & keyboard, etc.)

I'm going to buy a mini unless I can get a refurbished MacBook for around the same price without having to have it shipped. Either way, it'll be used with the Mac bluetooth keyboard & mighty mouse, plugged into my Philips/Magnavox 15" LCD (secondary monitor for my PC). When I get a bigger house (a few months) I'll be able to upgrade displays, but for now this will have to do, seeing as my PC is the primary use machine for my wife and I at the moment, and she loves having all the screen real-estate she can get. Hopefully she'll get used to the Mac and will let me get a nice big Cinema display...

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