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Well Safari does use cache too. The thing with cache is that I heard that if it isn't cleared and cleaned out once in a while, it can get huge, cluttered and the data in it can get corrupted. I posted this somewhere else but lock down Safari's Icons folder and that'll help the speed too as that folder can become HUGE if it isn't emptied once in a while.

Path to the Icons folder is: Macintosh HD ---> Users ---> Your user account ---> Library ---> Safari ---> Icons

How to lock the Icons folder. There are a few ways you can do that, all with the Get Info window. How to get to that Get Infowindow:
  • Click once on the Icons folder then right-click (or Control click) and choose Get Info from the dropdown menu.
  • Click once on the Icons folder and type Command (or Apple key) + i.
  • Click once on the Icons folder and go to the Finder's menubar and under File, click on Get Info.

In the Get Info window, you will find a Ownership & Permissions: section and you simply choose Read only in the dropdown menu at the right of You can. Safari's Icons folder should now be locked and won't store any favicons from now on. Just remember to empty this folder, now that it's locked, and drag the contents to the trash.

Another nifty kewl lil' utility I love is MainMenu. Does a lot of the same things as OnyX does but it sits nicely in the menubar.

*Phew* Sorry for the long post... :radioacti
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