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Well I got the WRT54G last night and set it up without issues but after using it for about an hour it dropped the connection on both the hardwired pc and the Mac. Had to reset everything to get it to work again, if it keeps happening I'm taking it back, I'll use it heavily this weekend to make sure everything is on the up and up. I need to go in and set up the secuity settings and such. I ignored the install CD being cocky so we'll see if I can get a stable connection, if not I'll try either D-link or Netgear or both, whatever doesn't work will go back. Didn't get any games yet, all I have is what came with it and .Mac.

I did test the range and the upstairs bedroom on the other side of the house the signal was still good so I'm happy with it's range. Just can't figure out why it dropped the connection. We shall see.

On Call of Duty, how is the online play? That's mainly what I do so hopefully it's decent.
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