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Originally Posted by DualG5Lova
dunno much about internal macs... but on pc's they come built with 2 IDE cables... (big wide ribbons that connect to hard drives)

so basically, you have 2 ribbons possible... each ribbon able to hold 2 drives... for a total of 4 drives able to be added to the computer without the addition of a pci card.

your possibilities are:
1 hard drive, 3 CD roms
2 hard drives, 2 CD roms
3 hard drives, 1 CD rom
4 hard drives, 0 CD roms (not practical unless your a server tower or something)

so basically, if you have a burner, and a cd rom or something, you can only have 2 hard drives....without having to add extra hardware to allow for your extra drives.

so if you have 4 drives total already, your options are: firewire or pci card
Interesting...I have 1 DVD-R/CD-R (Superdrive) drive, and nothing in the Second bay (i believe it was designed for a zip drive to fit in...).

So what you are saying is I may be able to fit a hard drive where the zip drive could be?
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