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Originally Posted by punkr0x0r View Post
If you're going to snag a game for it, I'd HIGHLY recommend Call of Duty 2 (or 3 if there's a Mac version), OR UT2004.

If you don't know, CoD2 (the entire series actually) is THE BEST WWII shooter of all time. UT2004 is just an awesome game.

As far as the wireless is concerned, unlike a lot of people, I happened to have great "luck" with my Linksys WRT54G wireless router.. I have it setup with WEP/Mac Filtering so that the only wireless computers that can access it, are the oens I tell my router to allow.

EDIT: If my "direct connect" you mean DSL/Cable modem > PC/Mac, then yes.. You'd just have to setup a connection via WinXP with your service's userID/pswd, as well in OS X under Sys Prefs > Network > PPPoE

Depending on which service provider you have, it might "just work" as I've seen with a lot of things.

Thank you for the recommendation. I forgot about that one. All I've seen is COD2 for mac. I loved Medal of Honor so I'm sure I'll like COD2.

I guess routers are like anything else, there's good and bad. I'll have to give it a try and see what I come up with. Thank god for return policies.
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