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Yea, I've read the same thing about the 802.11n also. It's not ready yet. I'm going to go for the 802.11g. I'll start at looking at the D-link. I just need it to handle up to 2 wireless and one port for a hardwire connection for my desktop. I don't want to pay what they're asking for the n routers but other than that I have no set price range. I just want something that works well. I don't mind paying as long as it works and will hold up. As far as range, the further the better but up to 30' will work fine for me.

I just checked my order status. It SHIPPED! It's still at fex-ex in Shanghai. Can't wait till it gets here. I held off on getting iWork since '07 will be out in Jan. Hopefully I made the right decision on this and hopefully they do add spreadsheets. Thought about getting office but don't know if I should now. I'm a little foggy on whats going to happen when office '07 comes out with the new file formats and if they'll even keep supporting the Mac version or not.

I'm thinking of getting a game to play around with but don't know what to go with. Thinking either Doom3, Quake4 or UT2004 but I'm leaning towards Doom. I got the 15", 2.33mhz C2D, 256 video, 2gb ram, 160gb hard drive so it should handle it fine. It'll be something to get me though till iwork 07 comes. Anyway, so estatic that I don't know how to handle it. Can't wait till it gets here.
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