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Hi All ,
I just received my macbook today (2Ghz/1G). I used to have a mac back in the days of the Performa series, but have since been in PC land. I am have a great deal of PC and networking experience, and even had the Apple support try to help me and they said if I was not using a Apple wireless router (airport) they could not help. It appears that all my settings are correct, but I just get the very unuseful error "There was an error joining the network "JMN"" This is after I enter my 128 Bit Hex WEP key. To add insult to injury even if I disable the security on my router I still get the same error. JMN is my wireless network, and my IBM Thinkpad and other systems connect just fine.

My router is an SMC (SMC2804WBRP-G)

Can anyone help?

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