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I think a MacBook Pro will do the trick, but it'd be such a shame to run WinXP for your music stuff. Would you ever consider a full switch?
Thanks for that Zoolook. Reports indicate that the Alesis has more stable Windoze drivers, though that was early in its life when drivers were at an infancy. The latest Mac drivers for it came out in August, whereas the latest PC drivers were way back in March. I know those new PC drivers fixed a lot of the issues which users were having, so I guess it is likely that the current Mac drivers have done some good.

The other thing of course is that I know how to use a PC. And the Mac... well... I know there is a learning curve, but I need to hit the ground running with this project, so better the devil you know when time isn't abundant.

I will probably dual-boot the unit to OSX and XP, and slowly begin to learn the Mac ropes, and perhaps in time I'll switch over.

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