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Originally Posted by maz94protege View Post
Macs dont have a NUM lock key, they just are always on. MACS have a CAPS Lock thats it. If it doesnt work, then try to reconnect the keyboard. are you using an APPLE keyboard? Wired or Wireless?

In ITUNES, goto File , Import Files, Or ADD FILES TO LIBRARY, and click all the files or complete folder from the external HDD and it will import them to your Itunes folder so you can make new playlists up...Very simple and easy!


I have the wired Apple keyboard that came in the box. I tried using the keypad (on the right) and it just won't work for some reason.

I imported the iTunes files like you said and the playlists didn't follow but all my music is there.

I am pumped about this iMac. I set it up next to my old Dell PC and there is really no comparisons in looks.

I have run into another issue though. ITunes keeps quitting. When I start it up, it is trying to configure gapless playback for about half of my library then it shuts down. It only stays open for about 10 seconds before this happens. Any ideas?

Thanks again for all the help.
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