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Originally Posted by JRJ26
Well, I'm most likely going to get the 12" iBook next week. Does anyone know how much it'll cost plus tax at the Apple Retail Stores? Also, how is it performance wise? Is the 12" 933Mhz iBook substantially better? I'm also getting a desktop later on(i'm going to college this fall), most likely an iMac or 1.6Ghz G5, so do you think the 12" iBook is good enough? What have your experiences been with it? At the Apple Store, the 12" always would freeze, and would take a LONG time to come out of sleep.
Apple's Store pricing is the same as its Web pricing, so if you build one on the website and multiply the total by 1.0X (where X = your state's sales tax %) you'll know how much it will cost. I'm not sure why the 12" at the Store was exhibiting the problems that you mention, but any of the current (or even previous-model G3) iBooks will be more than capable of handling word processing, Internet, DVD viewing, and more. For your uses, there really isn't any need to opt for the PowerBook, but I would agree that you should invest in additional RAM.

Also, don't forget that you should qualify for Apple's Educational pricing. I noticed that you're in NY (which is 8% sales tax if I recall), so your total for the 12" 800 iBook with Combo drive would be $999.00 x 1.08, or $1078.92.


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