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I have bought iMac Intel due2core &install DVD in Russia, now i do live in Sweden permanently:doctor: , when i moved to Sweden i have forgot my install OS DVD-CD. Here in Sweden i have contacted Mac officials but they say that they can find my custom number on My Name. I don't know what i can do about that, my imac is down and Mac -service is really tough. I when to the store I've bought a Tiger 10.4.6 , after someone game a hint that i can boot it on new-intel type processor, in fact when on starting status when i push C key disk wont boot up i get only picture folder with question mark ? Seem to me that new intel processor wont boot that Tiger 10.4.6 -black box DVD even when it has Universal banderies.
Please would you give me a competent hint what i can do about it, is there anyway that i can boot another MacOsX install disk ???
Please I neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed that Mac alive soon! My Music Studio down with it too!!!!!!:doctor: :mad: :mad: :doctor:
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